Banjul Beach Holidays

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1. Banjul Travel Guide
Banjul is one of the top African destinations with an array of exotic and charming attractions catering for the needs of tourists coming from all over the world. In this comprehensive travel guide, we will try to give to a strong insight into the wonderful opportunities and adventures stored in the beautiful Gambian capital. We will take you through the history of the city and gradually shift towards the recent and contemporary developments taking place in Banjul. Furthermore, we provide the cheapest flight tickets to Banjul with the top international airlines of the world to make sure that our customers can experience the fantastic beauty of the city.

1. History
The initial record of Gambia is a brief reference in 470BC of the account by Hanno the Carthaginian of his voyage through West Africa. During the time of the fifth and eighth centuries AD, most of the Sene-Gambian region was a major section of the Empire of Ghana. The rulers of the country were of the renowned Serahuli tribe. In the following centuries, the tribes of Mandingoes and Susus from the Fouta Djalon Plateau of Guinea recognized themselves in what is now known as Mali. Banjul became a very prominent cultural and economic centre at that time.

2. Restaurants and Cuisines
Banjul is famous for its plentiful provision of the best and fresh seafood; ladyfish, delicious barracuda, mouthwatering butter fish, and the famous Atlantic prawns are just some you will find on many menus. In the amazing beach bars situated in the southern region of the country, the tourists can order the exquisite ‘catch of the day’. This is the best meal that can be served as the staff will head to the local fishing village and buy some of the most freshly caught fish for you.

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2: Banjul Beach Holidays
The tourists traveling to the spectacular African destination can except some of the most exceptional Beach Holidays. The experience is guaranteed to linger as the beach holidays in Banjul encompass mammoth adventure, festivity, and relaxation. We at FlightstoGambia bring you some of the best festivals and activities that are known as an integral part of the Beach Holidays in Banjul.
There are several festivals that take place annually in the Gambian capital. Most of these are based around annual Islamic festivals. Yet there are also several local and traditional religious festivals that are worth observing if you can.

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Whilst some of the Muslim festivals, such as Ramadan, can be ascetic affairs, except for the famous Koriteh which is witnessed as Ramadan ends. The event is also considered as a festival of great celebration. Furthermore, the local festivals including the naming ceremonies and weddings are filled with dichotomy colors, dancing, and music. So, keep your ears open and if you can get along to see one of these they are well worth a visit.

Banjul is an amazing city with massive scope for enjoyment and long-lasting fun. Getting around the city is not that difficult, even if you are visiting for the very first time. There is a blacktop road from the airport to the hotel areas. The road is partially lit; however, it must be stressed that good road surfaces, traffic and direction signs are still not common, yet this is set to improve in the future with a plan for more asphalted surfaces and a greater emphasis on signage. Nevertheless, most of the hotels in Banjul have an exclusive taxi rank located nearby. Furthermore, it is best to discuss or bargain the travel price in advance. Also, there should be a price board displaying the tariffs.

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We at FlightstoGambia are offering the cheapest flight deals to Gambia with the top international airlines of the world including the Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines. We are also specialized in the provision of the best Beach Holidays Packages for your all-important stay at the most spectacular African destination. We provide cheap bookings in top hotels and resorts of the city. Hence, we would advise you to pick up your bags and prepare for an astounding Beach Holiday experience at famous resorts of the city.

3 : Beach front Hotels
The African state of Gambia is one of the continent’s most wonderful beach holiday destinations witnessing a massive influx of tourist throughout the entire year. The destination is the best place to spend your beach holidays with daily temperature highs ranging between 29°C and 34°C. The popular beaches of the country are known to encompass plenty of charming restaurants, famous beach bars, and the renowned sun loungers. The sights in the country are never seen to be overcrowded. Even in the height of the season, the sights offer a soothing experience with a variety of activities known to enliven the lives of the visitors.

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The amazing Golden sands line almost the entire coast. Moreover, whatever the time of year, the tourists traveling to the beautiful country can easily find a secluded beach without a soul in sight. The beaches also consist of budgeted hotels to luxury spa’s. The romantic couples can experience the relaxation at the beautiful bays from the time of dawn to sunset. Furthermore, a variety of beaches are situated at Gambia’s Coastlines. The beaches range from busier bays to closely managed and relaxing far away beaches.

The recommended hotels include the Lamon Creek Hotel, The Kairaba Hotel, Ocean Bay Hotel, and Coco Ocean Resort and Spa. We at FlightstoGambia are offering the cheapest flight deals to Gambia with the top international airlines of the world including the Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa Airlines, Brussels Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines.

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